WFRC Active Transportation Planner and Transportation Planner Engineer

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1 Transportation Planner Engineer, WFRC 12Mar15

1 Active Transportation Planner, WFRC 12Mar15

The Planner/ Engineer position will be an integral part of the WFRC Long-Range Planning Group. Under supervision, this position will be primarily responsible for both day-to-day and long-range transportation planning, development and coordination of transportation projects. Perform a variety of professional and complex technical duties as needed to assist in the development and maintenance of the long-range transportation plans and programs.

The Active Transportation Planner will be an integral part of the WFRC Long Range Planning Group, just as active transportation – non-motorized bicycle and pedestrian transportation – has become an integral part of our region’s transportation plans. Under supervision, this position will have the primary responsibility for short-term and long-range planning, development, coordination and assisting in the implementation of active transportation projects. The Active Transportation Planner will strengthen partnerships with local jurisdictions, regional partners, community-based organizations and the private sector to promote growing interest and investment in active transportation. The position will also perform a variety of professional and technical duties as needed to assist in the development and maintenance of long-range regional transportation plans and programs.

Those interested in these positions should submit a letter of interest briefly outlining their experience and qualifications (1-2 pages) and a resume to Ned Hacker, Wasatch Front Regional Council, 295 North Jimmy Doolittle Road, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84116 by Wednesday, April 15, 2015. Alternatively, the letter and resume can be sent by email to For further information, contact Ned Hacker at the addresses above or at (801) 363-4230 x 1120. For general information, please visit our website at

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RSG Job Opening

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Travel Demand Modeler_April_2015

RSG seeks a talented and versatile travel demand forecaster/modeler to assist with model development and the preparation of travel forecasts in our Salt Lake City office. The work involves travel model input development and maintenance, model scripting, calibrating and validating travel model components, development of forecast scenarios, model operation, evaluation of results, reporting, and project management. The work also entails providing analytical support for planning and environmental studies.

The ideal candidate is a team player who is adept with the details of coding and running models, preparing forecast inputs, evaluating results, assessing forecasting uncertainties, and preparing written documentation. Candidates should be able to work well with clients and possess good interpersonal skills, including being able to communicate complex, technical materials in clear, concise and meaningful ways that non-technical people would understand; attending meetings; and providing training. Candidates should be resourceful, clear and creative thinkers, and dedicated to high quality work. Demonstrated ability to work virtually with geographically dispersed teammates is a plus. The successful candidate must have strong communication, interpersonal, analytical, and computer skills; a desire to develop ‘best in class’ forecasts; and the ability to manage a project on time, on budget and to client satisfaction.


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