The Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC) prepares transportation plans and programs as the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and Association of Governments (AOG) for the area of Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, Morgan, Tooele, and the southern portion of Box Elder Counties in Utah.

WFRC builds consensus and enhances quality of life by developing and implementing visions and plans for a well-functioning multi-modal transportation system, livable communities, a strong economy, and a healthy environment. In an effort to further the mission, WFRC is seeking the Director of Analytics, Modeling, and Data Services.

Utah’s population is growing rapidly. Our demographic profile is changing and becoming increasingly diverse. The pace of change in technology continues to increase. It is in that dynamic environment that this executive-level position will function. The person in this position will help WFRC, its member entities and stakeholders, to: analyze current and future trends; manage, interpret and display data and information; forecast and model regional and local scenarios; and shape policies and decisions that will impact our region for decades to come. In so doing, the person in this position must be able to operate at the intersection of sophisticated technical analysis and policymaking.

The Director will lead and manage the following activities of a multi-disciplinary team:

  • Travel demand and land use forecasting, socioeconomic estimation and projection.
  • Technical analysis that supports the planning efforts of WFRC.
  • Project-level analyses to support WFRC’s partners.
  • Help parties understand interactions between transportation, land use, and economic development.
  • Improve understanding of the impact of changing demographics, technologies, and other external forces on the Wasatch Front.
  • Produce physical and online maps, including interactive story maps.
  • Refine and maintain the Regional Travel Demand Model (TDM).
  • Refine and maintain the Real Estate Market Model (REMM), used for forecasting land use and socio-economic conditions.
  • Create, edit, and maintain spatial datasets.
  • Perform and disseminate analysis of spatial and tabular data.
  • Display and communicate complex concepts in clear, understandable ways.
  • Gather and produce data to enable analytics and modeling.
  • Coordinate with local governments and transportation partners to support the above activities.
  • Coordinate work efforts with other groups at WFRC.
  • Improve understanding of the modeling and forecasting process and tools especially among technical partners.\

The WFRC models are jointly operated with the Mountainland Association of Governments (MAG). MAG is a close partner in all model development decisions. In addition, WFRC and MAG
coordinate modeling with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and the Utah Transit Authority (UTA). UDOT maintains a statewide model which is integrated with the WFRC/MAG
model, as well as the other models throughout the state, all on the CUBE software platform. WFRC provides ongoing modeling support to UTA for mode choice and transit modeling.

Qualification Requirements:

WFRC is looking for someone with the following attributes and qualifications:

  • Interpersonal/Leadership Skills
    • Must be able to work and communicate technical work effectively with all levels of government, including management and technical staff, as well as local
      stakeholders to assure comfort with models, understand needs and concerns, and create realistic expectations.
    • Ability to document technical work clearly.
    • Work with members of the modeling team to teach varying skills and techniques related to model development and application.
    • Work with other members of the modeling team to help project consultants produce analyses and solve modeling issues or concerns.
    • Professionalism, integrity, and a public-service attitude.
  • Education and Experience
    • Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, Urban Planning, Economics, Demography, Statistics, Computer Science or closely related field; and
    • At least 8 years of progressive experience, including management experience; or
    • An equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Knowledge of planning processes, specifically
    • Regional Transportation Plan/Transportation Improvement Program.
    • NEPA.
    • New Starts/Small Starts
  • Project management experience
    • Computer Skills
      • Understanding of data analysis techniques and software [R, SPSS, SAS preferred].
      • Computer programming experience.
      • Knowledge of how to use GIS effectively [ArcGIS skills preferred].
      • Transportation modeling software [Familiarity with CUBE preferred].
      • Model estimation software (e.g. R, SPSS, SAS, Alogit, Limdep) [preferred].

To apply:
Those interested in this position should submit a letter of interest outlining their experience and qualifications (1 – 2 pages) and a resume to Ned Hacker, Wasatch Front Regional Council 295
North Jimmy Doolittle Road, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84116 by Noon on Tuesday, November 14, 2017. The letter and resume can be sent by email to For further information,
contact Ned Hacker at the addresses above or at (801) 363-4230 x 1120. For general information, please visit our website at The Wasatch Front Regional Council is an Equal Opportunity Employer.